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Braun  Hair Clipper HC 5010 Braun  Hair Clipper HC 5010
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Brand: Braun Model: HC 5010
 Lifetime-lasting sharp blades for the perfect haircut.The clipper offers eight varying length settings, which allow you to personalize your trimming experience. The guiding comb covers a range of 3-24mm, though this can be removed to achieve a shorter length. The blades are crafted from stainl..
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Brand: Braun Model: NTF 3000
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Brand: Braun Model: SE Face 810
Treat your face to flawless radiance: the world's first, Braun Face SE810 Facial Epilator & Cleanser lets you enjoy two treatments with one device – simply switch the attachments.Easy to use, and boasting proven results, Braun Face allows you to precisely remove facial hair from the root of the ..
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Braun Silk-epil 3 Epilator White / Pink Braun Silk-epil 3 Epilator White / Pink
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Brand: Braun Model: SE 3170
Braun Silk-épil 3 3170 epilator - reveals and removes the finest hairs for long-lasting smoothness. 20-Tweezer system of the Braun Braun Silk-épil 3 epilator efficiently removes hairs from the root for long-lasting smoothness and the Smartlight reveals even the finest hairs so you can make sure they..
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Brand: Braun Model: SE Face 851
remove facial hair from the root of the facial epilator, and also your cleanse skin pore-deep with the facial brush. Choose from 4 different brushes, included purposely to cover all of your skin care needs: a normal brush for normal skin types, extra sensitive brush for delicate and sensitive skin r..
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Brand: Braun Model: IRT6520
Unique age-adjustable fever guidance technology takes the guesswork out of interpreting your child’s temperature!Clinical research shows that the definition of fever changes with a child’s age**. What is a normal temperature in a four year old, can be a fever in a newborn. Age is the determining fac..
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Brand: Braun Model: Series 1 130S
Braun Series 1 130S Corded shaver is the perfect Braun shaver for demanding beginners. An ergonomic design and extra-wide shaver head give you an efficient shave, while the precision trimmer gives you versatility. It’s also washable under water. In total, this smooth and convenient Braun s..
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Brand: Braun Model: IRT3030
With an overall compact design, the Braun ThermoScan® 3 (IRT 3030) is easy to use, gentle and fast. It takes readings in one second only and helps to interpret the temperature with Audio fever guidance.No.1 brand used and recommended by doctors*Gentle & AccurateWith Audio fever guidanceNumb..
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Brand: Braun Model: SE 3370
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 10.0px Arial; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #ffffff} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} Braun Silk-epil 3 3370 epilator with 2 Extras (Sensitive Area Cap, Massage Cap)Braun Silk-epil 3 3370 epilator reveals and removes the fines..
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Brand: Braun Model: 7899cc
The Braun Series 7 is our smart electric shaver with 4 synchronized shaving elements that shave in one stroke what others do in two*. Innovative Sonic technology and an intelligent AutoSensing motor enable to shave even dense beards with efficiency. The 5 Turbo-/Sensitive-Modes adjust the shaver for..
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Brand: Braun Model: SE 3270
Braun Silk-épil 3 3270 epilator with 3 extras - the perfect gift for her.The gifting edition makes the perfect present for loved ones on any occasion. Designed for easy and gentle hair removal, Braun’s Silk-épil 3 3270 epilator works well for first-time users and epilation experts alike. Its bundled..
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Braun Bikini Trimmer FG1100 Pink Braun Bikini Trimmer FG1100 Pink
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Brand: Braun Model: FG 1100
Reveal your creativity with Braun Bikini Trimmer FG1100 - precision trimming at your fingertips.No matter what personality you have, shaping your bikini zone can enhance your beauty and give you an extra boost of confidence. It may even bring out your wild side. Braun Bikini Trimmer has a precision ..
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Brand: Braun Model: PRT1000
A high speed digital stick thermometer which is accurate and easy to use.The Braun Digital Stick PRT1000 is a handy pocket size thermometer designed to make taking temperature fast and easy. It brings proven Braun professional accuracy and reliability to a compact and convenient stick thermometer.Re..
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Brand: Braun Model: PRT 2000 MN
A handy digital thermometer featuring patented Age Precision technology – age-adjustable fever guidance which completely takes the guesswork out of interpreting a child’s temperature...
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Brand: Braun Model: IRT6020
Thanks to Braun’s patented pre-warmed tip and ExacTemp® technology, Braun ThermoScan® is widely regarded as a benchmark for accuracy and reliability. That’s why most health professionals choose Braun ThermoScan®*. In fact, Braun ThermoScan® is the number one brand among doctors*.When ..
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