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Massage Oil

Brand: ORGANIC INDIA Model: 8653
This rich and fragrant herbal oil is specially formulated to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth. Infused with the strengthening benefits of Bhringraj. Prepared with botanical herbs, antioxidant seed oils and pure essential oils, it helps to restore vibrant healthy hair. USP: With regular use o..
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Brand: ORGANIC INDIA Model: 8639
This rich, relaxing and rejuvenating oil specially formulated for men. Infused with the energising benefits of ashwagandha. Prepared with more than 75 ayurvedic herbs and carefully chosen essential oils. This beautifully fragrant oil helps to enhance mood relieve stress and revitalise body, mind and..
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Brand: Puressentiel Model: 9270
This Friction combining Arnica and 14 essential oils with relaxing properties brings you a natural and effective solution to relieve and soothe sensitive areas. Formulated to help with muscle preparation and recovery, it is recommended for athletes. This Friction Arnica , made in France, helps to st..
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Brand: Puressentiel Model: 9254
The Relax Blend for Diffusion contains essential oils with calming, soothing and relaxing properties to naturally promote relaxation and sleep while creating a pleasant aromatic atmosphere in all your living or working areas (living room, bedroom, offices, public places, etc.). The blend contains 10..
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Brand: Puressentiel Model: 9266
This breathing balm is the enveloping and comforting gesture of winter. Thanks to its composition with 19 essential oils, it releases a scent emitting aromatic scents that promote soothing, comfort and well-being. Features: • Cosmetic product from aromatherapy • essential oils HEBBD (Botanically and..
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Brand: Puressentiel Model: 9261
The melting texture of this balm, enriched with moisturizing and nourishing vegetable oils (Sweet Almond, Olive, Macadamia, Grape Seed) allows a gentle massage. It leaves babies' skin soft and moisturized. Its composition in organic essential oils (True Lavender, Orange and Marjoram) and its natural..
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Brand: Puressentiel Model: 9265
The Rest & Relax Air Spray is a 100% natural solution to prepare to sleep for peaceful, serene and restful nights. It provides relaxation and rest and soothes everyday stress. Its formula is from 100% natural origin, dye-free, preservative-free, synthetic perfume-free. Contains 12 essential oils: Tr..
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Brand: Puressentiel Model: 9263
The Puressentiel Stress Roll on contains 12 essentials oils to help release tension and calm feelings of anger, nervousness or low morale. Features: • Aromatherapy based product • EOBBD essential oils (Essential oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined) • Active ingredients 100% natural origin • D..
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