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Brand: Trister
Trister Fluffy Easypro Compressor Nebulizer Vibration Massager with Infrared light, Speed knob with indicator and Charging dock. Features : • Vibration Massager • Infrared light • Speed knob with indicator • Charging dock..
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Brand: Trister
Made with convenient, on-the-go relaxation in mind, this memory foam neck massage pillow is compact & lightweight so you can bring it with you on your travels, or enjoy it at home. Massage Mode: Vibration Contents: - Trister Rechargeable Neck Massage Pillow - Carry Bag - Ear Plugs - Instruction Manu..
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Brand: Trister
Note: Assorted and will receive item with random color/design. Trister Eye & Facial Beauty Massager is a waterproof facial cleansing device that deeply and gently cleanses pulsations channeled through soft silicone touch-points. Features : • Reduces Dark Circles • Promotes Blood Circulation • 7 ..
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Brand: Trister
Unwind and distress with Trister Scalp Body Massager. Needing no complicated instructions, it uses the one touch control system to provide a relaxing and stimulating head massage. Massaging improves blood circulation to the head, eye and different parts of the body. It can even promote hair growth. ..
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Brand: HoMedics Model: TANMSQ220BK
HoMedics Mobile Comfort Vibrating Massage Travel Neck Pillow with Comfortable U Shape Memory Foam Neck Support, Invigorating Fatigue Relief Headrest, Relaxes Tense Muscles. Features: Soft Memory Foam Design - Provides support and comfort, invigorating vibration massage and relaxes tense neck mus..
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Brand: HoMedics Model: CELL500
HoMedics Beauty Anti Cellulite Vacuum Massage Skin Smoother, Suction to Detox Skin, Reduce Orange Peel, Fluid Retention, Activate Fat Cell Metabolism, Rechargeable 30 Minute Treatments. Features: Smoother skin & anti-cellulite: Smoothee helps to reduce the fluid retention under your skin and act..
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Brand: HoMedics Model: NMSQ-215A-GB
The vibration and heat neck massage has invigorating vibration that loosens your tight muscles and the soothing heat comforts your tired muscles. Features: ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - Perfect for use at home or to take with you on the go, power your massager by using the power adaptor or by inserting 4 ..
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Brand: HoMedics Model: BBP-100
The HoMedics Shiatsu Plus Vibration Massage Pillow gives a deep kneading shiatsu plus invigorating vibration massage for the neck, back, shoulders and more. Features: Four massage nodes provide extended coverage with a soothing heat option for a more relaxing experience. Ultra-soft and luxuriou..
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Brand: Medisana Model: 99722
Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the Medisana HM 858 hand massager is suitable for massaging the shoulders, upper back and legs. Thanks to the red light and heat settings, the Medisana HM 858 provides an intense and vibrating massage. A red light is also integrated into the massage head, which can be ..
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Brand: Medisana Model: 88375
Medisana 88375 MBH Portable Bubble Bath Massager Jacuzzi Mat with Aroma Dispenser and 3 Massage Bubble Settings - Remote Controlled Thermal Spa non-Slip Mat. Suitable for any bath with an automatic heat function and automatic switch-off after 20 minutes. Aromatherapy - the item comes with an integra..
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Brand: Medisana Model: 99930
The multifunctional massage seat cover MC 828 provides an intensive and wonderfully relaxed feeling. It contains 3 types of massage in the back area: - Shiatsu, tapping and spot massage. Due to the innovative air stream through the mesh of the back area, the MC 828 provides a pleasant heating and co..
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Brand: Medisana Model: 99732
Medisana NM 870 Neck Massager - Relaxing Neck and Shoulder Massage with Storage Bag Relaxing Vibration Massage Perfect in Car Office and Home. Features: Multi-purpose neck massage device for soothing vibration massage in the neck and shoulder area. Neck massage cushion made of elastic moulded foam ..
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